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We breed for personality, function and structure with the ability to milk and show well. We participate in all the  ADGA plus programs, and show regularly. Our herd is CAE, CL, and Johne's tested yearly. Our goats have tested negative for the ten+ years we've been raising goats and testing.

great tasting milk in a functional and beautiful package

Audrey has flown across the country doing showmanship clinics. If that is something you are interested in, reach out to her via Facebook for more details.  


It was a lonngggg drive, but a lot of fun


After a long 2000 mile journey, we arrived in Madison and promptly ate some cheese curds and prepared for the show. Audrey worked herself into delirium as she prepared for showmanship and conformation classes. In a really large and tough showmanship class Audrey won 1st place senior showman! There were almost 50 kids in the class. After that she showed a lot of goats. Some were hers, and some belonged to others. Her own LaManchas did well. Some top ten, some middle of the pack, and a couple cuts (don't worry, they'll  be back to win another day. 2000 miles is a tough trip on a goat, especially when your breed shows the first day). It was a real treat to see Audrey win the ADGA National Youth Lamancha Premier Breeder award again. (Last time was in Redmond, Or where she also won premier youth breeder). Between the thunderstorm and mosquitoes it was really memorable for me too.

2019 ADGA Nationals

Redmond, OR


You can email us with questions or look us up on ADGA, or ALC. We look forward to hearing from you.

Located in Southern California

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2019 marks the end of Audrey's youth career. What long, fun, stressful years. Audrey would spend long days getting her showmanship does ready, not to mention the hours of studying. Audrey finished her youth career at the 2019 ADGA National show by winning Senior Showmanship. Audrey finished by winning 3x National Showmanship (2015, 2017, 2019). 2x Fitting Team winner, 2x Lamancha Youth Premier Exhibitor (out of the 3 years she was able to take her own animals), 1x Recorded Grade Youth Premier Exhibitor, and 1x Overall Youth Premier Exhibitor. I warm heartfelt thank you to those who have helped Audrey in so many ways. There are too many to name.

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