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Sales Policy

​If you are interested in purchasing a kid from one of our breedings, contact us and we will put you on our waiting list. No deposit required until your selected kid is born. 

When purchasing a mature animal a non-refundable deposit of $100 will hold your purchase for 2 weeks or an agreed upon time until they can be picked up.

Reservations.... Contact us for prices. Prices are subject to change after kidding. Please message us on Facebook (click here to go to our Facebook page!) to get put down on the list, or if you are inquiring on an animal, please message us. If you have ANY questions, message us! We are happy and willing to work with you! Facebook is the most efficient way to get contact us. 

Shipping and transportation is at the buyers expense.

We reserve the right to keep any kid resulting from any of our breedings, even after the kids are born. If this is the case and its a doe you had a reservation on, we will contact you and let you know. You will have the choice to pick another doe to put your reservation on, or get back on the list for next year. You can ask what other kids are available at that time as well.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale at anytime for any reason.

Goats are herd animals and require the companionship of other goats. We will not sell goats to homes that don't already have goats unless you are purchasing more than one.

Once an animal is sold, we cannot guarantee it's future health, growth, production or quality. We will only sell healthy animals, once the animal has left our property we cannot be responsible for it's health. We cannot guarantee any animal purchased will turn out how we all hope they will. Sometimes breedings just don't work.  

Most of the sales but not all will require a first right of refusal. Upon request, any bucks sold and collected will allow me to get 10 straws (a cane) back. This is something I will ask when we are talking about the buck/buck kid. We ask that you refrain from marketing your Argonne's bred buck kids semen until you have been able to evaluate his daughters in milk.

​After kids are born and evaluated prices may go up from the reservation price.

By placing a deposit or purchasing an animal from us, you have indicated acceptance to the following agreement and terms. Deposits are non-refundable.

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