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Ding-Dong as a four year old  fourth freshener


S:TIMBER*COVE SFCA CLASSIC SON - L001597379 (PB Buck)DOB: 2/20/2012

D:HIGH-TOR ABBA-ZABA - L001516116 (PB Doe)

DOB: 3/12/2010 FS87 (VEEV) @ 01-02

L001647874 (PB Doe)

DOB: 5/3/2013

2015 FS85 (+VVV) @ 02-02

2017 FS88 (VVEV) @ 04-01

2018 FS86 (

12th place 4 year old 2017 ADGA National Show

1st place youth embedded show ADGA NAtionals 2017

Ding-Dong excels in general appearance and has a really well attached mammary with perfectly placed teats.

Check out High-Tor Lamanchas on FB.

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