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Tempo Bello Lei 9*M


Bello Lei as a 4 year old 5th freshener 

Click here to view Tempo Bello Lei's pedigree!

  SS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray EX93 (VEE)
Sire: *B Goat-San Vito

  SD: 1*M SGCH Goat San Venice EX 93 (EEEE)

  DS: ++*B SG Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa 

Dam: 8*M GCH Tempo Josephine EX90 (VEEE)  

  DD: 7*M SG Tempo Twyla VG88 (V+EV)

Show Placings:

2017-Southern AZ Dairy Goat ASSC. -RGCH 

2017- Lost Valley Dairy Goat ASSC. RGCH

2018- San Diego County Fair- 2nd Place YM.

2018- Ventura County Fair-  1st Place YM

Orange County Fair- 1st Place YM

Lost Valley Dairy Goat ASSC. -1st Place YM

Lost Valley Dairy Goat ASSC. 5th place YM.

2019- ADGA National 7th place 2 year old

Linear Appraisal:

VG86 01-05 (VVVV) (Yearling Milker)

Bello Lei kidded with QUAD bucks this year (2020) and is milking 17lbs a day. She is a champ and hasn't missed a beat. She looks fantastic and has such a strong will to milk. We love that about her! She has proven to be a great brood doe with her first daughter to freshen with a near to perfect mammary system and another extremely promising yearling to freshen next year. 


Bello Lei is an overall very correct, and a very hard working doe. Bello Lei has tremendous depth of body, with an exceptional  mammary system. She has crazy rear udder height with an amazing extension and fullness of fore udder. She is one of the most dairy individuals in my herd with her openness of ribbing, smooth and pliable skin and her extreme flatness of bone. When Bello Lei freshened as a yearling milker I knew she was going to be something special! I am excited to see her mature.

IMG_2777 (2).JPG
Bello Lei Yearling Profile .JPG

Yearling milker


Junior kid

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