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Argonne's S Felicity


2 year old 2nd freshener 

  SS: +*B SG High-Tor Landslide ZigZag VG 89 (VVE)

Sire: *B M's Sagebrush ZZ Salvador

  SD: 2*M SGCH M's Sagebrush Voss Oprah EX91 (EEEE)

  DS: Umbra Luna's Genghis Kahn

Dam: 2*M Argonne's GK Summer Solstice VG89 (VVEE)

  DD: 1*M Argonne's Winter Solstice VG84 (+VV+)

Felicity has grown into such a big powerful doe with some serious width! We love so much about this doe. She never causes drama, and is so easy going. We love how correct she is! 


Felicity is special because she comes straight from my foundation doe! Felicity is probably the most immature yearling milker in the herd, but she is one that will absolutely be worth waiting on. She has all the right components structurally, and mammary system wise. she appraised E in rear legs, front legs, front end assembly, and rump. She appraised a V in FEET! How awesome. She is a love bug, and we are super exited to bring her out to some shows this coming show season! 

Show Placings:

2017- ADGA Nationals- 7th place intermediate kid

2018-Mid State Dairy Goat Show- 1st 

2018-Mid State Dairy Goat Show- 1st 

2018- San Diego County Fair- 4th

2018- Orange County Fair- 3rd

2018- Ventura County Fair-4th

Linear Appraisals:

01-03 VG86 (VVVV) Yearling Milker


AGE  DIM  MILK  %  FAT  %  PRT  DCR  TTP 0-11   146    840   4.5 38   3.3 28      87     02 LIFE   146    840   4.5 38   3.3 28

Felicity Yearling profile .JPG
image1 (3).jpeg

Yearling Milker


7th Place ADGA Nationals Junior Kid 

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