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Argonne's S Persephone 


       Pictured as a 3 year old 2nd freshener

  Click here to view Persephones pedigree link!

    SS: +*B SG High-Tor Landslide ZigZag VG 89 (VVE)

Sire: *B M's Sagebrush ZZ Salvador

    SD: 2*M SGCH M's Sagebrush Voss Oprah EX91 (EEEE)

     DS: GCH +*B Argonne's The Winter King EX90 (EVE)

D: SGCH Argonne's Iris 2*M EX90  (VV+E)

     DD: Big_HoofHearted Athena VG88 (VVVV)

Persephone freshened with twin bucks (boo!) but has really started to come into herself. She is so correct in really all aspects of the scorecard. I am so bummed show season was canceled. I would have loved to bring this doe out! Fine... next year it is. She will look even better. Stay tuned!


Persephone is without a doubt my "next year" goat. She has ALL of the right parts! She is just a very immature first freshening 2yo. I am totally fine waiting! She is a daughter out of SGCH Argonne's Iris 2*M and boy does it show, I would say the strong dam line continues! I love this does extension and smoothness of fore, and her height in the rear udder! Persephone has done a lot of growing this year so I m excited to watch her start to fill out. Her litter mate brother *B Argonne's S Hephaestus is the sire of our yearling Argonne's Tesora Mia who has one of the most correct mammary systems in the herd. Keep an eye out for this doe next year! 

              Show Records

2017-Not Shown

2018- Lost Valley Dairy Goat Ass. Junior GCH

2019-Not shown (too many 2 year olds. She didn't get to come out and play).

udder persephone.PNG

Persephone as a 2 year old 1st freshener 

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