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SGCH Argonne's WK Jolene  3*M


                        3 year old 3rd freshener

    Click here to view her pedigree link!

     SS: +*B GCH High-Tor Dakar 

S: GCH +*B Argonne's The Winter King EX90 (EVE)

     SD: High-Tor Pralines 'N Cream VG86 (VAVE) (Was milking through for four years)

       DS: SGCH M's Sagebrush Mav Sweet Dreams EX91 (VEEE)

D: SG M's Sagebrush ZZ Hanalei 

     DD: +B SG M's Sagebrush Landslide ZigZag VG89 (VVE )

Show Placings:

2017-Not Shown.

2018-Lost Valley Dairy Goat Association- 1st place yearling milker

2018-Lost Valley Dairy Goat Association- 1st place yearling milker

2018-Lost Valley Dairy Goat Association-3rd place yearling milker

2018-San Diego County Fair- 1st place yearling milker

Orange County Fair- 1st place yearling milker

Ventura County Fair- 2nd place yearling milker

Jolene looks amazing this year as a 3 year old, so we are extremely bummed the show season has been canceled (thanks Coronavirus!). Jolene's 2020 son, "Earl", is enjoying life over at Goat-San Dairy Goats. We are so excited to see what he does!

Jolene earned her SG status as a yearling milker and easily finished as a 2 year old!

Jolene was a wild child as a baby, resulting in her staying home and not getting shown. However, everyday I would go out and feed I would just stop and watch her walk around. She was one of the most elegant, and well put together does in the baby pen. She has a beautiful set of feet and legs, a VERY correct and beautiful front end assembly, with beautiful length and levelness. Jolene is very dairy, and has a very correct mammary system. I love Jolene's extension of fore udder, teat placement, rear udder height and width, with her incredible will to milk. 

Linear Appraisal 

01-04VG87  (VV+V) (Yearling Milker)


Jolene 2 year old 2nd freshener


Yearling  Jolene, only a few weeks fresh

jolene rear.jpg

Yearling Jolene, month fresh


Jolene as an intermediate kid

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