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*B Argonne's Forged in Fire


Pictured as a yearling. To view Forged in Fires pedigree, click here. 

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Well, I could not be happier with my big boy. He is now 5 years old (2023) and has not missed a beat. He is healthy and still standing on such a strong set of feet and legs. He is showing no wear and tear. Every year I have daughters freshen of his, and every year I am always so appreciative for what he has done for me and my small herd. He does not disappoint. He is consistent with adding crazy long and smooth fore udders, high and wide rear udders, and great teat length and diameter. His daughters are long tall and correct. He has done hibs job perfectly here! 

Forged in Fire had his first daughters freshen this year (2020) and I couldn't be more thrilled! They not only have beautiful general appearance, but fantastic mammary systems. All his daughters have extremely well attached and capacious udders and are all so correct. I can't wait to watch them mature. So. Much. Promise! Excited to also freshen more daughters! 

Forged in Fire is an exciting AI son out of our beautiful GCH Rockin-CB KR Fusion 9*M. Fusion is littermate to SGCH Rockin-CB KR Fenjen 9*M and genetic full sibling Rockin-CB KR Hoku.

Forged in Fire Daughters:


Argonne's Caldera. Pictured as a 3yr old


Argonne's Sweet Rachel Ann

Pictured as a 2yr old 1st freshener


Argonne's Fire Poppy 

Yearling Milker


Argonne's Azula. Pictured as a 2yr old FF

IMG_0082 (1).JPG

Argonne's Nova. Pictured as a 2yr old 2nd freshener


Argonne's Yahtzee. Pictured as a senior kid winning her class at the 2019 ADGA Nationals

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