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Argonne's Yahtzee


Yahtzee as 2yr Old 1st freshener, 2 weeks fresh. To view Yahtzee's pedigree, click here

  SS: *B Vineyard Kane Yowers 

Sire: *B Argonne's Forged in Fire

  SD: GCH Rockin-CB KR Fusion 9*M  FS89 (EVVV)

  DS: Old-English Dreamweaver

Dam: Argonne's Jenga

  DD: Old-English Elsa

Yahtzee freshened beautifully. She is the biggest doe in the herd with no signs of slowing down! She is still beautiful, but unfortunately the only picture I got of her is right after she kidded. A typical *B Forged in Fire daughter, Yahtzee has a LONG and smooth fore udder with a high and wide rear!

Yahtzee is a BIG beautiful doe. She has been special from day one. In 2019, She won her senior kid class at the 2019 ADGA National Show. We love her strength and power, and are excited to get her bred! 

image0 (1).jpeg

Yahtzee as a dry yearling


Argonne's Yahtzee. Pictured as a senior kid winning her class at the 2019 ADGA Nationals

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