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Argonne's Queen Amidala


Amidala as a yearling milker. To view Amidala's pedigree, click here

  SS: *B Vineyard Kane Yowers 

Sire: *B Argonne's Forged in Fire

  SD: GCH Rockin-CB KR Fusion 9*M  FS89 (EVVV)

DS: Blue Moon Ranch LD Triple PLay

Dam: Argonne's Jamilla

     DD: Argonne's C Rey

Amidala... There are just some goats that never fail to make you smile. That is my girl, Amidala. She is so unproblematic like her dam. She eats, drinks, sleeps, and makes little to no fuss and never seems to get into trouble. She is the sweetest doe. Anyone could take her into the ring and she'd stand their happy, chewing her cud. While she might not be the most photogenic goat, she really is special. So much so, I repeated her breeding! Amidala is so correct, in all aspects of the scorecard. She is exactly how I want my yearlings to look. She has ALL the right parts to be something special! 

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