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Farber Farm Nova

IMG_0082 (1).JPG

Nova as 2yr Old 2nd freshener. To view Nova's pedigree, click here

  SS: *B Vineyard Kane Yowers 

Sire: *B Argonne's Forged in Fire

  SD: GCH Rockin-CB KR Fusion 9*M  FS89 (EVVV)

DS: GCH +*B Argonne's The Winter King EX90 (EVE)

D: Argonne's Bellus 

     DD: Big_HoofHearted Athena VG88 (VVVV)

Nova is a doe I fell in love with from the first time I saw her as a yearling. Her dam, Argonne's Bellus is SGCH Argonne's Iris 2*M LITTERMATE sister. Her sire is *B Argonne's Forged in Fire. THANK YOU Rhys Farber for allowing her to come be apart of Argonne's Dairy Goats:) Nova is a BIG girl with tremendous general appearance. Her mammary system is socked on and beautiful like all of her paternal sisters. We are SO excited about Nova. She has a bright future! 

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