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GCH Blue Moon Ranch PT Hermes 2*M


Hermes as a 3 year old 2nd freshener

Check out Hermes pedigree and milk records here

     SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Twist of Fate 

S: +*B SG Little Orchard FT Proud Truth VG89 (VEE)

     SD: SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy ES92 (EEEE) 

     DS: +*B SGCH Nestor Acres WRCS Viking 

D: SGCH War Cry's Anise ES90 (EEEE)

     DD: CH War Cry's EZ Z Z Top

Show Winnings:

2017- Southwest Fair- Junior Grand Champion- Dry yearling

2018- Lost Valley Dairy Goat Ass. GCH- 2 year old first freshener 

2018- Lost Valley Dairy Goat Ass. GCH- 2 year old first freshener 

2018- San Diego County Fair RGCH (to Fusion)- 2 year old first freshener 

2019- 2019 ADGA National show 3rd/2ndU 3year old

Hermes freshened once again with a single kid. She looks absolutely beautiful! Hermes was 3rd/2ndU 3year old at the 2019 ADGA National show!!

Hermes came to Argonne's Dairy Goats at the end of 2016. I actually put a reservation down on a kid from Hermes, but Sharon ended up selling me Hermes instead. I can't thank Sharon enough for trusting me with this beautiful doe! Hermes Really is a beautiful doe with amazing general appearance and a VERY lovely mammary system. As a two year old 1st freshener, Hermes easily finished her championship. Hermes is one of those does whether in the pen or in the ring, you can't help but admire her beauty. Hermes kidded with a single doeling this past kidding season, and we are hoping she has multiples this coming year to increase milk production. Not only is Hermes a beautiful doe, but she has an amazing temperament. I can not wait to bring Hermes out next year as 3 year old 2nd freshener.. We are excited to bring her out to the 2019 ADGA Natinal show!  

Linear Appraisal 

VG88 (V+EE) @ 02-03 (FF Two Year Old)

Heremes 2 yr Profile Mid state.JPG

Hermes- 2 year old 1st freshener

Heremes pt2 yr.jpg

Hermes- 2 year old 1st freshener

Hermes bby.JPG

Hermes- Dry yearling (March of 2017)

  (Crazy how much they can change!)

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