Argonne's Caldera

Caldera as a yearling milker (12 hour fill on the right picture). To view Caldera pedigree, click here

  SS: *B Vineyard Kane Yowers 

Sire: *B Argonne's Forged in Fire

  SD: GCH Rockin-CB KR Fusion 9*M  FS89 (EVVV)

  DS: Umbra Luna's Genghis Kahn

Dam: 2*M Argonne's GK Summer Solstice VG89 (VVEE)

  DD: 1*M Argonne's Winter Solstice VG84 (+VV+)

Caldera freshened BEAUTIFULLY! High wide rear udder, long smooth capacious fore, beautiful overall area of attachment with perfectly placed teats! I'll take it! This is a doe to watch. She can only get better from here. I am excited to watch her grow up! A beautiful milking daughter out of our senior herd sire *B Argonne's Forged in Fire


Caldera has been my pick from the day she was born. She came out ready to strut her stuff. She easily earned her dry leg, then went on to be BJDIS. Caldera was 6th place senior kid at the 2019 ADGA National Show!

Caldera as a senior kid