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The Start of Kidding Season has already Knocked our Socks Off!

Five does, five days, eleven kids and milk test

cozy kids

Our new barn cameras are amazing.

not a creature was stirring, except a momma goat

Being able to take a sneak peak at the does and kids anytime we wanted sure made for easy goat keeping. High-Tor Ding Dong is seen napping with her triplet does scattered all over the kidding stall.

Our first of the five does due in March began kidding on March second and the fifth doe kidded on March 6th. There were a couple tricky deliveries, but all is well now. I jokingly say our half time kidding score is 8 does to 3 bucks, but I think the jokes really on me. Audrey is going to have a heck of a time deciding who to keep and who to sell because the babies are all so wonderful. Salvador, Winter King, and Chewbacca sure aren't making it easy by helping produce such gorgeous kids. Can I just say that baby goats are the cutest things on the planet?

Zelda is patiently babysitting a baby LaMancha

To top off the kidding week we started back on milk test. Here are the first results in total weights:

Eli at 9 days fresh 8.6 lbs

Ding Dong at 8 days fresh (and a touch of mastitis) 7.7 lbs

Chrome at 8 days fresh 12.5 lbs

Valkyrie at 8 days fresh 11 lbs

Hanalei at 4 days fresh 6.8 lbs

Mommas and babies are doing well and we are enjoying the small break before the next couple does are due. Spring is here.

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