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Linear Appraisal

 01-02 VG86 (+V+V) (Yearling Milker)

02-03 EX90 (EEEE)   (2 year old 2nd freshening)

03-04 EX90 (VV+E) -(There was a major heat wave that hit our area right before LA, along with spending 3 weeks at a fair during the market show at the Del Mar Fair. She was under lots of stress!)


    SS: +*B GCH High-Tor Dakar 

S: GCH +*B Argonne's The Winter King EX90 (EVE)

    SD: High-Tor Pralines 'N Cream VG86 (VAVE) (Was milking through for four years)

     DS: CH  Umbra Luna's Sun Bear

D: Big_HoofHearted Athena VG88 (VVVV)

     DD: Big_HoofHearted That Grace

Show Placings:

2015- Not shown as a kid.

2016- San Diego County Fair GCH-yearling milker
2016- Ventura County Fair 3rd place 1st udder- yearling milker

2017- Pima County Fair GCH-2nd place- 2 year old 2nd freshener

2017- Lost Valley Dairy Goat Ass. GCH-2nd place- 2 year old 2nd freshener

2017- San Diego County Fair 2nd place- 2 year old 2nd freshener

2018- Lost Valley Dairy Goat Ass. (District 8 Specialty Show)  Champion Challenge 1st place udder, BUOB- 3 year old 3rd freshener

2018- Orange County Fair 2nd, RGCH-3 year old 3rd freshener

2018- Ventura County Fair 3rd/2nd Udder-3 year old 3rd freshener

2019- San Diego County Fair 2nd/1st udder 

2019- 2019 ADGA National Show 12th place 4 year old


0-11 175 1550 3.4 53 3.0 47 87 02

2-00 145 1490 4.4 66 3.3 49 68 02

3-00 138 1630 4.1 67 3.0 49 87 02


LIFE 458 4670 4.0 186 3.1 145


Argonne's Iris 4 with 4

iris rear 2 yr.JPG

Iris- 2 year old 2nd  freshener

Iris is pictured as a 5 year old 5th freshener

     Check out Iris's pedigree and milk records here.

Iris is the dam of my 2020 Junior Herd Sire *B Argonne's King Midas, a son out of the 2019 Spotlight high seller, *B Kastdemur's Vermouth.

Iris will forever hold a special place in my heart. Iris is my first home bred Grand Champion and Superior Genetics (SG). She is just about everything I want in a dairy goat! She milks, she is competitive in the show ring, and she's an easy keeper! Iris comes from a strong dam line of beautiful mammary systems, even though there might not be  record of it. (That was before we participated in the ADGA PLUS programs!) Iris has four daughters who have freshened and all look absolutely beautiful. Three of those daughters are currently in the herd! Chaos, Nyx, and Persephone

Iris 3 yr 2.JPG
Iris 3 yr Profile .JPG

Iris- 3 year old 3rd freshener

Audrey 's doe Argonne's Iris didn't win

Iris- Yearling Milker 

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